EFOS organizes Monthly Prayer Meetings, Church Leaders’ Luncheon Meetings, Seminars, Conferences on specific topics pertaining to the Church needs.

EFOS co-sponsors special meetings with Para-Church organizations  or even with Denominations.

EFOS co-operated with the Union of Chinese speaking Christian Churches in Singapore in sponsoring the Chinese Congress on World Evangelism in 1981 in Singapore.

EFOS organized the Philippine Agape Relief Project in 1984-5 which was much appreciated by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and World Relief International.

EFOS initiated the Nationwide Evangelistic Campaign held at National Stadium on 1 – 6 June 1986, namely The Luis Palau Singapore Mission. This was in co-operation with the Union of Chinese-speaking Christian Churches of Singapore and about 350 local churches and Para-Church Organisations.  A number of language groups were formed to spearhead the evangelistic thrust in their respective linguistic churches.  Once again, a wonderful spirit of unity and co-operation was demonstrated necessarily to be fostered following up the abundant fruit of the Mission.

In 2006, EFOS along with other organizations and churches organized its first Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) at the National Stadium.  25,000 people (young and old) gathered together to praise our Lord in unity.

In 2007, 30,000 believers gathered at the same Stadium.

In 2008, we had a few firsts:
For the first time, we had 2 sessions:  One in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

The 1st GDOP in Mandarin was held where 4,000 people gathered to Glorify Him. Brethren from Johor Bahru, West Malaysia joined us.

We had a first Children’s GDOP.  A total of 411 met for prayer and worship.

In 2009, GDOP was held in Singapore Expo.  4,000 Youths had their own Program in Singapore Expo.

In 2010, the Indian GDOP was launched!  1,070 Indians gathered at St Andrew’s Cathedral.  The English, Chinese and Children GDOP’s were held in Singapore Indoor Stadium, whilst the Youth GDOP was held in Singapore Expo again.

In 2011, the Filipino GDOP was launched!  The English and Children GDOPs were held in the Singapore Expo, whilst the Chinese & Filipino GDOPs were held at Barker Road Methodist Church, and the Indian GDOP at Smyrna Assembly.

2012 was the first year we had decentralised GDOPs! The Korean, Myanmese and Thai GDOPs were launched!  English GDOPs were held in 10 locations, the different languages in 6 locations and the Children and Youths met separately.

In 2013, the English GDOPs were held in 9 locations, Chinese in 2 locations, and the other language groups met in 5 other locations.

In 2014, Christians met in 16 locations on 1 June, and the Indian GDOP was held at Smyrna on 8 June.

GDOP culminated in Jubilee Day Of Prayer on 5 July 2015 held at the iconic National Stadium.  Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was the Guest of Honor.  President & Mrs Tony Tan, and PM’s wife, Ho Ching, and many Ministers and Members of Parliament were also present.  In total, 51,000 Christians turned up to praise and worship God.  The event was covered by 13 Christian journalists and  media  magazine and 7 other secular media and newspapers.

For a single day of 5th July, JDOP had a 167,000 post reach on Facebook.  27,000 individuals have engaged with a liked, commented or shared our posts.
1st Place:      PM Lee with 41,000 reach and a whopping 344 shares.
2nd Place:    Closing thank you post with 37,000 reach and 114 shares.
3rd Place:     13 year old boy who led a prayer, 26,000 reach and 246 shares.
4th Place:     President Tony Tan with 24,000 reach and 326 shares.
Jubilee Offering for the poor and needy:   In total, $800,000 (($700,000 donation from JDOP special offering collected on July 5 and $100,000 is the surplus from the JDOP event organising funds) were presented to 16 organisations at a Luncheon held on 11 December 2015 at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore.  Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister for Social and Family Development, was the Guest-of-Honor.

It was also the 10th year we organised GDOP’s.  We thank and praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to co-organise Jubilee Day of Prayer (JDOP) with the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) with support from the Singapore Baptist Convention, Indian Christian Network, Festival of Praise Fellowship, LoveSingapore and National Prayer Alliance. JDOP 2015 is the Finale and EFOS will not be organising any more GDOPs.  We encourage churches to plan GDOP in their own churches / with churches in their vicinity.